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The Sales Manager's MENTOR has won a prestigious Sales Book Award - Silver Medal and has earned 5-star reviewer ratings on It has also been sold in Australia and the UK, translated into Russian, is found in small business and large corporations, and is used a "practical" trade book in university level sales force management classes. 

The third edition was launched in mid-November 2012 and 
has been fully updated with three new sections and 44 new tips. It provides even more practical ideas that you can use throughout your career

While many books have been written on personal selling The Sales Manager's MENTOR is focused on sales management. This completely different job description requires a very unique skill set. 

Author Jeff Lehman provides mentoring at a level that those in sales will find both resourceful and creative. 

The foreword was written by Marc Benioff, 
Chairman & CEO, of and a very talented manager in his own right.

"Your manager is either your mentor or tormentor. 
If they aren't working for you, they are working
against you...get out as soon as you can!" 

Keith Grinstein
former Vice Chairman
Nextel International, Inc.

“Jeff completely ‘gets it.’
He has narrowed down big ideas
into simple
messages that make sense.

Jeb Blount
Publisher & Founder

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